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KöR Whitening in NYC: The breakthrough whitening treatment!


If you’re looking for a whiter and brighter smile, look no further than the breakthrough treatment that provides the whitest and longest-lasting results: The Kör Deep Bleaching System. At Park Smiles NYC, we’ve thoroughly researched all the whitening systems available, and we’ve determined that KöR offers our patients the absolute best and long-term results by far! What makes the Kör Deep Bleaching System better? Custom-made in a dental laboratory using the highest quality materials, KöR ensures a precise fit with each tray, helping to seal the bleach in the trays for maximum effect. KöR is also the first system in the world to refrigerate its whitening gels from the instant they’re made until received at the dental office (where they are also kept refrigerated). Being that whitening gels are known to degrade at room temperature, this constant refrigeration process helps ensure that KöR products are kept 100% effective. Additional benefits of KöR include:
  • Minimal sensitivity. Unlike other whitening systems, KöR uses a water-based gel in its trays. Varnish is also applied to the teeth before bleaching. The varnish and water-based gel work together to minimize tooth sensitivity, a common problem with other whitening systems.
  • Longer lasting. Also unlike other whitening methods, KöR is able to fully rejuvenate and restore teeth to their youthful ability to absorb bleaching, resulting in long-lasting whiteness, even for those patients who regularly consume coffee, tea, red wine and other beverages and foods known for staining.
  • Flexibility and convenience. KöR offers a full line of whitening systems that you can use at home and/or our office for nighttime or daytime whitening. Any method you choose will provide you with extraordinary results for the long-lasting white smile and increased confidence you want and deserve!

Kor Whitening Before
Kor Whitening After

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