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It's difficult for me to understand how anyone could give the great Dr. Cohen anything but a ***** star review? He is a thorough professional, so are Renata and Rachel who respectively preside over the OR and the desk! Dr. Cohen likely saved my life... diagnosed the problem with one of my two front teeth as deeply infected (something my ENT suspected), which it was... he quickly extracted, cleaned out the infection up to the nasal cavity (ulp), rebuilt the bone structure that the infection had eaten away, and returned my smile to the 200-watt smile that so amazed my viewers on the CBS Evening News years ago. Having had my aortic valve replaced the previous December, had he not done this procedure, there was a strong possibility the infection could have found its way to my new valve, and killed me. Cohen is ever so smart and sensitive. "A 1st year dental student could have taken out the tooth," he smiled, "but not the rest of it." I will be back in 4-6 months for the implant, but we are off to a GREAT start ! Whew.

–Manhattan, NEW YORK (NY)

I had dental implant oral surgery with Ruben Cohen, DDS on the Upper East Side and I too agree that some of these reviews may be of the wrong oral surgery. Ruben Cohen is a very gentle, has excellent skills, makes me laugh and his assist is great. The was fair and he gave me a little break. Clean office, scheduling was easy, no wait time. I too highly recommend him.. nd the procedure didn't hurt a bit and he gave great home care instructions.

–Manhattan, NEW YORK (NY)

Saw Dr. Cohen about 3 weeks ago to take out two of my wisdom teeth. He took some crazy 3D xray of my head (supposedly it can detect the major nerves to avoid any complication during surgery) and went over the details of the surgery. He put me to sleep, woke up, and found myself minus two wisdom teeth. Apparently, I was out for about 30mins! He called me the night of the surgery to see if I was doing ok. Great surgeon, and friendly staff. I was able to get an appointment within few days which is a big plus!

–Manhattan, NEW YORK (NY)

I found Dr Cohen's website through my insurance company after having an unprofessional experience at another highly reviewed office in the UES. Working in the health care field myself, I have fairly high expectations of health care practitioners and deliverance and Dr Cohen and his team exceeded all of them. Even before I stepped foot into the office, I was impressed by Dr Cohen. Having awoken in pain with an impacted wisdom tooth, and being able to take only one day off from work, Dr Cohen was able to see me for consultation and surgery the SAME DAY. From the moment I walked in the office I was greeted with a professional staff, gorgeous office, and impeccably clean facilities. I was taken immediately into an exam room and seen. The imaging available in the office, including the panoramic XR is state of the art, it was clear to me by reviewing the images with Dr Cohen that the degree of visualization this machine afforded was far superior to the single flat plate films taken in other offices I have been to in the past (and for me, certainly worth the price). I was completely asleep and comfortable for the extraction of my four impacted wisdom teeth and had cardiac monitoring the entire time. He performed the procedure with two assistants who had a great sense of humor and kept me very relaxed the entire time. I awoke with very minimal pain and was given appropriate pain relief and antibiotics. That evening, Dr Cohen personally called me on my cell phone to see how I was feeling post procedure and reinforced to call the office should any problems arise. My recovery was quick and I was able to return to work the next morning with only requiring a few Advil! The followup was seamless. Although the entire procedure was nearly entirely covered by my insurance I would have gladly for the services provided for the ease and service I was given. I am very grateful for the professional, attentive care I was given by this office and will certainly recommend him to my friends and colleagues.

–Boston, Massachusetts

Dr. Cohen is an Excellent Oral Surgeon. He is very caring and understanding to his patient's needs. He explains the procedure which you will go through in details and takes into consideration your feelings. He makes sure you are comfortable and happy. He's one in a million. His staff is amazing; Rachel his assistant is very pleasant person. She will guide you with whatever you need. The staff will you help with all your medical insurance forms or any medical insurance issues that you may have. Make an appointment with them -you'll love them. I promise.

–East Elmhurst,, NEW YORK (NY)

Dr. Ruben Cohen, Park Smiles NYC

Announced in 2017 in New York Times Magazine as one of the top 20 oral surgeons and “Super Specialists” in New York City – selected by local medical experts!


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