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Dr. Cohen is by far the nicest, most competent, and most professional surgeon I've ever met. I have a problem with my jaw and he took the time to show me my MRI, explain exactly what the problem was, walk me through all of my options, and answer all of my questions. On our next meeting he performed arthrocentesis on my jaw. He personally called me that night to make sure I was feeling OK and followed up with me the next day. The next step for me is jaw surgery, so I went to get a second opinion, which Dr. Cohen supported. The second surgeon agreed with everything Dr. Cohen recommended and confirmed that I needed the surgery. I went back to Dr. Cohen and we scheduled the surgery based on what worked best with my schedule. In addition, his office staff has been extraordinarily helpful in terms of getting all the insurance paperwork ready before the surgery so I won't have to worry about it afterward. I couldn't ask for a more compassionate, conscientious doctor and I feel lucky to have found him. I highly recommend him!

–Manhattan, NEW YORK (NY)

First off, I would like to start by saying I read reviews and that's how I make most of my important decisions like looking for a doctor when I may not have any connections already. When I saw that Dr. Cohen had five stars and the reviews on Google.com were rated highly recommended I had no choice other than to give his office a shot. Dr. Ruben Cohen and his staff were not only wonderful but also very professional! I called Dr. Cohen office regarding an increasing pain in jaw from a wisdom tooth that was growing in. His staff was very accomidating when scheduling my appointment. When I arrived the first thing I noticed was not only the great location but the cleanliness around the entire facility. I am very picky when it comes to doctors and the upkeep of their office. The girls at the front desk were very welcoming and reassuring that everything would be alright not just with the possible procedure, but also making sure that my insurance would go through. The consultation to review my wisdom teeth went great. After the high tech X-ray (I recommend getting this one even though you have to pay for it- not covered under insurance- you see EVERYTHING) the slides showed that all FOUR wisdom teeth would need to eventually be taken out. He was honest and upfront willing to answer any questions I had, and I assure you I had a lot. I was paranoid to be put under anesthesia but I will tell you when it came time to get my wisdom teeth removed I was joking with them one minute and out the next. Did not feel a thing!! The next thing I knew I was up and ready to go home. A week later I went back for a checkup to make sure everything was healing properly. Dr. Cohen did a fabulous job. I truly wish he was a dentist because I trust him. Trust me.. I do not work there, I was not asked to write a review (this is actually my first review, but worth taking the time to write one) nor would I change my mind if I was given a second chance to change anything. If I could make one more recommendation... Get all four wisdom teeth removed if you are told and YOU can see for yourself that they will eventually become impacted. It only took 5 days to recover and I'll never have to worry further. So when you go, tell the receptionists and Dr. Cohen Kimberly Z. says HELLO!!

–Manhattan, NEW YORK (NY)

When I went to Dr. Cohen it was a really great experience. The office is clean and beautiful and the girl at the front was very welcoming. I didn't have to wait very long and when I met Dr Cohen he was friendly. He seemed very knowledgeable and I knew my dentist has recommended a good oral surgeon. The procedure went well and my follow-ups were easy to schedule. I would definitely use him again.

–Brooklyn, NEW YORK (NY)

First things first, if you take into consideration any of the poor reviews below by the likes of "Lil X" you need a breath mint. The entire staff, from the receptionist to Dr. Cohen were nothing but professional and timely throughout my entire experience. A direct reflection of Dr. Cohen himself! Long story short I suffered a broken jaw when sucker punched while walking home in Chelsea. Fun experience having brass knuckles connect with your face by one of the four thugs, just another sign of the times in NYC... All I can say is that the experience got better every day after the initial blow. Dr. Cohen was called in to perform emergency surgery on my jaw on a Sunday night at 9:30pm. The surgery itself could not have gone smoother and my jaw is on the way to a 100% recovery. Given all the outcomes that could have resulted, I am blessed to have zero complications 2 months out. Dr. Cohen and his staff are extremely professional, qualified, timely, and courteous. I am lucky to have had Dr. Cohen in my corner and on-call the night of my incident. By the way, the receptionist (aka front desk person in some reviews) name is Rachel and she is great. Would you really listen to someone referring to a receptionist as a front desk person... your call people! Thanks doc for everything.

–Manhattan, NEW YORK (NY)

I had my wisdom teeth out with Dr. Cohen this week and it was a very easy comfortable experience. His staff was absolutely wonderful - engaging and kind. Dr. Ruben was thorough and attentive. I never write these reviews but felt compelled to comment on just how impressed I was by his professionalism and sensitivity. I highly recommend Dr. Cohen (and his great staff).

–Manhattan, NEW YORK (NY)

Dr. Ruben Cohen, Park Smiles NYC

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