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Painless Root Canal Therapy…
At Park Smiles NYC

When it comes to a root canal, most people have an intrinsic fear of the process. At Park Smiles NYC, we have a reputation for our gentle and pain-free procedures – so when you must have root canal therapy performed, there’s no better place than our office to get it done!

What is a root canal?

Root canal therapy is a treatment used to save a tooth when the tissue, blood vessels and nerves inside of a tooth have become inflamed. Reasons a root canal may be performed include:

  • Deep decay
  • Infections at the tip of the root or inside the tooth canal
  • Cracked, broken or injured teeth

The Procedure

In order to save the tooth and remove the pain, your Park Smiles NYC dentist will need to remove infected and diseased tissue to help clean out the infected area. The canal inside is then medicated to allow the surrounding area to heal.

It’s our goal at Park Smiles NYC to ensure that you have as little discomfort as possible, even when you are getting a root canal procedure. To accomplish this, we’ll numb the tooth with the help of local anesthesia. If you have dental anxiety, no worries: we can help ease that with sedation. Once you’re calm and the tooth and surrounding gums are completely numb, we can go to work on the actual root canal procedure.

During the process, we’ll remove all the infected pulp and tissue from the tooth. The removal of the infection ensures that the pain will start to subside.

Generally, but not always, a crown will need to be placed after the root canal treatment is complete in order to protect the tooth from any further damage.

When your treatment has been completed, your Park Smiles NYC dentist will provide you with special instructions on how to care for your newly treated tooth.

The area may remain sore for a few days, during which time you can take over-the-counter pain medications and use ice to help reduce the swelling.

For More Information on Root Canals

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If you’re experiencing shooting pains or have a known infection in the root of your tooth, don’t delay in scheduling a consultation today at Park Smiles NYC. We don’t want you living with an infection that can spread and create more complications! And remember: even root canals are pain-free…at Park Smiles NYC!

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