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Mandibular Angle Implants The Ultimate in Facial Sculpting…
At Park Smiles NYC

A strong and defined jawline is a beautiful feature on men and women. There are many procedures in facial cosmetic surgery that are performed to help improve the strength and angulation along the jawline. One of these procedures we offer at Park Smiles NYC to improve the jawline is the mandibular angle implant.

Mandibular angle implants are used to achieve aesthetically pleasing corrections of abnormal facial proportions due to congenital defects, trauma, or aging.

Benefits of Mandibular Angle Implants

  • Mandibular Angle Implants can create a more angled or defined look in both males and females and are customized on computer-generated models to perfectly fit the patient.
  • They provide a natural look from both the front and side/profile views.
  • Considered to be extremely powerful in effecting dramatic changes in the shape of the jaw and entire lower third of the face.
  • The implants are inserted from inside the mouth, so scarring is not a concern.

The Procedure

By using advanced 3D imaging to assess your specific condition, Dr. Cohen at Park Smiles NYC can simulate the outcome of proposed surgical plans and adjust any discrepancies before surgery. The 3D technology allows us to create a surgical plan with a level of accuracy not available with traditional imaging technology.

Made of silicone and shaped like a saddle, this implant makes the process of implantation relatively simple, and its versatility provides a desirable addition to the tools for skeletal framework reconstruction of the face.

The satisfaction rate of mandibular angle implants is high and the complications are easy to manage. The surgical technique consists of an intraoral incision and the development of a subperiosteal pocket at the mandibular angle area, often performed under IV sedation or general anesthesia.

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We are here to answer any questions you may have about mandibular angle implants to make sure you feel comfortable with the procedure. We create an extensive pre-surgical plan so that you can fully understand the degree of your jaw abnormality and the treatment process.

Our goal is to maximize normal jaw function, such as speaking, eating, and chewing, as well as to enhance appearance by achieving better facial symmetry.

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Dr. Ruben Cohen, Park Smiles NYC

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