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Enjoy a More Natural Smile with Composite Fillings…
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What are composite fillings?

Mouth fillings are the most popular method of restoring teeth. There are many types of materials that can be used for fillings such as amalgam and gold. Composite fillings are a popular choice because they match the color of teeth and look natural. Composites are not only used to restore decayed teeth, but they may also be used for cracked or broken teeth, stained teeth, and teeth that have been worn down. Park Smiles NYC is your specialist in composite fillings!

Benefits of composite fillings

• Tooth-colored fillings keep your smile looking bright and healthy.

The aesthetic effects are some of the top benefits of composite fillings. Many times, metal restorations will eventually show through your teeth. On the other hand, composite resin restorations will look natural for decades, if not for the rest of your life.

• Composite resin can more effectively strengthen your teeth.

Amalgam does not actually bond with your tooth. Because composite will adhere directly to the inside of your tooth, it can better support the weakened structure.

• With a composite filling, your dentist can preserve more of your tooth.

Because composite bonds with the dental walls, your dentist at Park Smiles NYC will not have to reshape your tooth as much as a metal restoration would require.

• Composite does not change shape.

When exposed to significant temperature variations, metal will expand or contract. Over the years, this can dramatically weaken your tooth. In contrast, composite remains stable, even when exposed to heat or cold.

• Composite fillings do not contain mercury.

Sliver amalgam contains a small amount of mercury. Scientists have linked this metal to a number of health conditions, including memory loss, infertility, and high blood pressure, among others. Mercury is especially harmful to pregnant women and unborn children. Although scientists do not think that dental restorations contain enough mercury to be truly harmful, there is no reason to take unnecessary risks, especially considering the many other benefits of composite fillings.

How are fillings placed?

Fillings are very common and can be done in one visit to the dentist. Once local anesthesia is applied, your dentist at Park Smiles NYC will begin removing decay from the tooth using a dental drill and clean out the decay area. When all the decay is removed, we will prepare and shape the area so that the filling material, such as composite, can be placed. Once the filling has been placed, the filling will be shaped and the tooth will be polished so it can look as natural as possible.

After first receiving a filling, many patients become temporarily sensitive to hot and cold foods. When the tooth becomes used to having the filling, the sensitivity will subside.

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